The PJTC Social Justice Committee & Louis B. Silver Religious School, in cooperation with Second Families are holding a Refugee Relief Drive for 70 Refugee Families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Congo currently living in the El Cajon area.

From May 4–May 21, Please bring new items to the lobby designated box at PJTC from the following categories:

Cleaning and personal supplies including laundry soap, dryer sheets, liquid dish detergent (not for dishwashers), Comet cleaner, Windex, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl brush, Lysol in a spray can, Scrubbing bubbles with bleach, scrub brushes, kitchen scrubby sponges, Brillo pads, Swiffer mops and refills, bath soap, shampoo, shaving cream, sanitary pads (no tampons), and trashbags.

Second Families determines household (non food) ongoing needs of about 70 Middle Eastern and African refugee families in the El Cajon area near San Diego. These are among items that are not covered in the stipends from resettlement agencies.


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